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JACKELINE ARROYO nekkid in Playboy Mexico, Mexican actress takes it off, all off, for this month's Playboy

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Jackeline Arroyo
Nekkid in Playboy Magazine.

Mexican actress Jackeline Arroyo takes it off, all off, for this month's Playboy Mexico.


Despite speaking very poor Spanish, you know how much we love our Mexican telenovela and actress hotties around these parts; with the delicious and sultry Jackeline Arroyo (a.k.a. Jacqueline Arroyo) being absolutely no exception.

As always, we love our hottie Latina thespianics not just for their high heels and sextastic bitch slapping ways, but also for the ways in which they happily expose their hot bodies for their fans to ogle, as Jackeline does in this month's Playboy Mexico.

Hot? Check. Nekkid? Check. Willing to bare all?

Check. Now that's an actress! Enjoy.

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