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LESLIE-ANN POPPE completely nekkid in Playboy Netherlands, Lesley-Anne Poppe in Playboy Netherlands

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Lesley-Anne Poppe
in Playboy Netherlands.


Unless you happen to be a fan of Flemish cooking shows, this may not mean much to you, but former Miss Global Belgium (yes, that is a title) and reality food TV hottie, Lesley-Anne Poppe, has surfaced finally in Playboy Netherlands, after a long saga in which her photos got leaked early to various outlets and lawyers got involved and then a whole brouhaha ensued.


Cynical us, we always assume such leaks are intentional, and they quite often are in fact, not sure about this case specifically. But, that is besides the point, because now we get to see the former thrash-metal band member turned softer-side TV hottie, Lesley-Anne Poppe in all her global goodness.

It's a Dutch treat (you know, even though she's Belgian). Enjoy.


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