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JACKIE GUERRIDO launches jeans collection, Jackie Guerrido launches her Jeans collection in San Juan

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Jackie Guerrido
Launches Jeans Collection.

Jackie Guerrido launches her Jeans collection in San Juan.


If you're a regular viewer of Univision, then you know boobtastic weather girl, Jackie Guerrido, oh so very well.

You probably have every inch of her measurements tattooed upon the grey matter surrounding your libido. I do believe she can actually make it rain just by making the sun cry.

Oh, I hyperbolize even as I stare slack jaw at that body of hers.

Jackie was doing the pimpstress show yesterday for the launch of her new designer jeans line, which I suppose will be a hit among the fairer gender, even as we men imagine nothing more than slipping her current jeans off of her.

My forecast for Jackie is continued hotness with a 20% chance of embarrassing wetness. Enjoy.

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