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SABRINA CERESETO topless photoshoot by Luigi Miano, Sabrina Cereseto poses topless for a Luigi Miano photoshoot

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Sabrina Cereseto
Topless Photoshoot by Luigi Miano.


Okay, so you probably don't have the time to watch all thirty five foreign editions of Next Top Model, and you may not have an annual subscription to Bambi magazine, cause, you know, your wife or girlfriend just wouldn't understand your passion for world styles, but, thankfully, I do.


Sabrina Cereseto happened to be the brunette hottie on The Boot edition of Next Top Model and got all kinds of positive feedback for basically being sweet looking, which is the best kind of feedback, and so the magazines started clamoring for her, including the aforementioned Bambi who put her in their last edition in a retro styled, black and white and topless all over kind of photoshoot. The kind of artistic endeavor we can both appreciate and drool upon, simultaneously, natch. Enjoy.



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