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ALICE GOODWIN drizzling topless shoot outtakes for Zoo, Alice Goodwin poses topless for Zoo magazine photoshoot outtakes

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Alice Goodwin
Drizzling Topless Photoshoot Outtakes for Zoo.


Oh, raven-haired extra drippy pillowy funbagged glamour models, how you soothe the savage and tortured libido driven soul. Our good friends at Zoo magazine know flesh puppies and the hot women attached to them.


So, when they stuck Alice Goodwin in a bathtub all kinds of topless, wel, we knew we were in for a treat. And, of course, as nice as the published magazine pictures, the outtakes once again kick some serious arse, and are more than seriously like to cause you a case of painful priapism. Look, nothing good comes for free.

This Humpday, let Calgon take you away, err, let Alice Goodwin take you away, with a bath you will not soon forget. Enjoy.

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