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ELIANIS GARRIDO sultry topless shoot in SoHo Magazine, Elianis Garrido poses topless for SoHo Magazine

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Elianis Garrido
Sultry Topless Photoshoot in SoHo Magazine.

Don't even get me started on how badly I want to run the mini-cams on the Big Brother house sets abroad, including the house that hosted Colombian TV personality Elianis Garrido, who has, naturally, been involved in various local illicit romances and gossip in her native Sudamericana.


But, more importantly, the good folks at SoHo magazine have captured Elianis Garrido in all her nekkid and topless goodness and it is goodness indeed. Oh, that body. Just Latina sultry hotness wet in the shower. Dios mio! Enjoy.

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