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ALEXIS WRIGHT alleged video dancing nekkid in her Zumba studio, Alleged Kennebunk prostitute Alexis Wright Zumbas nekkid in her studio!

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Alleged Video of Alexis Wright
Dancing Nekkid in Her Zumba Studio.



So, half the townsmen and important civiv leaders of upper crusty Kennebunk, Maine are doinking a professional gal in the area and nobody thinks to suspect the young Zumba fitness instructor who likes to dance nekkid in her storefront studio? C'mon, Columbo!


Alexis Wright has been tapped by the popo with more than 150 counts of prostitution (that is a rather prodigious young lady), bedding just a ton of local VIPs on her long list of johns, with an arrest that has sparked complete upheaval in the usually quiet town of lobster bisque cafes and the Bush family summering nearby (no kidding, I've been to Kennebunk, the lobster bisque is to die for, and I'm told the Zumba classes are outstanding).


Now, thanks to EgoReader 'Evan', we have a bead on a video which seems to be Alexis Wright dancing (or Zumba-ing?) quite nekkid in her fitness studio, the same studio where she helped the ladyfolk of the town shed some pounds by day, and helped the manfolk of the same town shed some dollars by night. I wonder if there was a husband and wife discount package?

I'll tell you this, that elder town council in Footloose might just have had it right. Dancing leads to all kinds of trouble.



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