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ARIANNY CELESTE in lingerie for Hanfoto Halloween shoot, Arianny Celeste poses in lingerie for Hanfoto Halloween shoot

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Arianny Celeste
in Lingerie for Hanfoto Halloween Photoshoot October 2012.

Having had the distinct privilege of viewing the ridiculously hot body of Arianny Celeste up close and personal, I can tell you, despite effects you may see in certain photographs, the reality is every bit as wicked amazing. For instance, check out these Sam Hon photos of the UFC ring girl for her Halloween lingerie photoshoot. Spooky sextastic to say the least. How'd you like to see Arianny in skimpy lingerie standing outside your haunted house tonight? I can tell you, there'd be more than just Krackle bars pouring out of your gourd (I'm not even sure what that means, but, we did start getting our Halloween drink on early here).


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