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PRISCILLA SALERNO goes topless in Miami Beach, Italian actress Priscilla Salerno goes topless in Miami Beach

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Priscilla Salerno
Goes Topless in Miami Beach.

Italian adult film star Priscilla Salerno made an altogether different impact on Miami Beach yesterday, separate from the outstanding levels of bikini hotness provided by her more legit celebrity Italian counterparts, by plucking off her bikini top altogether and letting her gargantuan pair dangle in the South Florida sun.


Now, we here at Pl@net, being the family friendly promoters of all things publicly appropriate and morally decent can not rightfully condone the flashing of monster hooters in front of innocent civilian men, women, and children on public beaches here in the U.S. where puritanical laws have blessedly saved us from such sights at our schools and parks and organic farmers markets, on the other hand, check out those filthy puppies! Enjoy.



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