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EMILY RATAJKOVSKI nekkid in Treats [FULL FRONTAL], Outtakes of Emily Ratajkowski poses nekkid from Treats Magazine

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Emily Ratajkowski
Nekkid Outtake from Treats Magazine.

Emily Ratajkowski has cracked through and jumped right up my personal top 10 list of girls I'd like to cover in orange clover honey then take my sweet time cleaning up with my hands tied behind my back. Trust me, that's a list every girl in this world wants to be on (I might be imaging that last fact). But Emily can do no wrong in my eyes, only right, as in, blood hell right topless outtakes from Treats magazine. Emily has made it known that she is the bravest hot girl in Hollywood and the the official 'bar' set for whoever wishes to call themselves a nekkid starlet in this town. The bar has been set high. We have been staring at it all morning. Oh, my.


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