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JODIE GASSON: topless swimming pool photoshoot, Jodie poses topless in a swimming pool for a photoshoot

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Jodie Gasson
Topless Swimming Pool Photoshoot.


There's nothing more refreshing to the soul than the site of some full, ripe, forget-those-skinny-biyatches, funbags. The plump melons that reassure a man that if no other source of sustenance is ever discovered on this island Earth, we'll still be just fine.

Jodie Gasson is not your average wafer thing model. She's full-bodied. More pushing for the cushion as the kids like to say. And most undoubtedly packing some serious flesh puppy awesomeness. Don't tell me leering at Jodie is not bringing you back to more peaceful times in the crib. Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking a warm blanket, some soft lullabies, and Jodie Gasson for supper sounds awfully good. Enjoy.

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