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MOMOKO NISHINA bedroom topless photoshoot, Japanese model, Momoka Nishina poses topless in a bedroom photoshoot

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Momoka Nishina
Bedroom Topless Photoshoot.


Well, all this talk about our Asian exploration has certainly inspired many of you to come forth and confess your true West Pacific objects' d lust, and one of our readers, 'Phonz' simply is going to literally explode if he is not able to share a young Japanese woman I imagine is in virtual form spread throughout his entire basement apartment, Momoka Nishina, a girl of two true talents in the least.


Then along comes Friday, our blessed Salvation day, the day we give put aside our toil for a weekend of debauchery and Red Stripe (personal choice) and nothing sets us sail on our misadventures quite like big bouncy funbags. And Momoka Nishina fits into the champagne bottle across the stern role.


Now, we're not suggesting you start flooding our box with every single super hot ridiculously well-endowed Asian model you happen to lust with the essence of your being, but we're also not suggesting that you don't. Wink wink, eh? Enjoy.


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