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KIERAN HAYLER: sex tape with Paige Turnah - PHOTOS -, Katie Price's hubby in porn star sex tape

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Katie Price's hubby
in porn star sex tape.

Kieran was so up for filming says ex Paige Turnah.

KATIE Price’s new husband has appeared with a porn star in a sex tape, The Sun can reveal. Hunky Kieran Hayler romped on film with Paige Turnah during a brief fling. But she said the session failed to inspire Kieran who remained “boring” in bed — and will have to “man up” to keep glamour model Katie. Paige, 24 — real name Kiri Meads — spoke out only days after part-time stripper Kieran became Katie’s third husband. They tied the knot last Wednesday, nine months after Kieran, 25, first hooked up with Kiri. Only three months later she suggested they make a sex tape to perk up their love life — and give him an insight into her job. She said: “Kieran was completely up for it, and got very excited — he didn’t need any persuading. “A few days later we set up a camera on a tripod in my bedroom and filmed ourselves.”

Pucker up...Paige Turnah and Kieran Hayler smooch in a still from their tape.

Kiri said bodybuilding plasterer Kieran appeared nervous during taping. She said: “He felt under huge pressure, but after it was edited he was very pleased with the result. “Katie probably won’t be very impressed, of course, but that’s not my problem or my fault. I’m sure she’s broad-minded enough to shrug it off. “If not she’ll just have to take that up with him. Making the tape’s nothing for Kieran to be ashamed of.” Kiri got into the porn industry two years ago after working as a lingerie model. At about that time she first met Kieran. The pair went for a drink after she watched him strip on stage in Brighton. Nothing came of it, but Kieran got back in touch last year through Twitter and they met up. Londoner Kiri said: “I found him very attractive and there was huge sexual tension between us, but I have a three-date rule and I made him stick to it. “When we did get down to it it was nice, but not mind-blowing.” During their first few weeks, she said, Kieran enjoyed watching her in sex films. Kiri said: “At first he found it all a huge turn-on and got a kick out of having a girlfriend who was a porn star. “In fact, he enjoyed watching films of me doing stuff with other guys. He’d ring me up and say he’d just watched a porno with me in it and that it was really hot. “But as things got more serious between us his attitude changed and he admitted he couldn’t cope. “He said now he’d told me he loved me, everything was different. He couldn’t handle the thought of me with other guys any more, let alone seeing me have sex with them.” Kiri thought making the tape would help Kieran realise that having sex for her job was completely different to what they did together in the bedroom. She said: “When you’re making a porno there’s so much stopping and starting, and having to move into positions that will look good on camera — it’s a completely different experience. “But I said that if we were going to go down that route we should do it properly, and make a proper film together. “After all, if you’re dating a porn star you might as well have the experience of giving it a go.”

Saucy...Paige Turnah and Kieran Hayler in clip from their home-made sex tape.

Despite the tape, she said, Kieran became more interested in muscling up in the gym than spending time in bed with her. She said: “We’d get together once a week, if I was lucky. It wasn’t good enough. “I love sex, and need lots of it to keep me satisfied.” She added: “In bed he was like an over-excited puppy. I need a man who’s powerful and ready to try new things. “I think Katie will eat him alive, and unless she’s as dull as he is in bed, and doesn’t want much more than someone who’ll cuddle her all night, she’s going to get very bored with him very quickly.” She added: “I thought he just needed coaxing into being more dominant and adventurous. “But after six months of being the one always wearing the trousers in the relationship I got tired of him and ended it. “I’m a dominant woman who knows exactly what she wants out of a bloke and Kieran just wasn’t man enough for me, which is why I dumped him.” Kieran and mum-of-three Katie, 34, got hitched in the Bahamas, where they also honeymooned. Kiri said: “Katie Price knows what she wants, but she doesn’t really know Kieran. “At the moment she’s probably enjoying having a gorgeous looking bloke following her around, doing whatever she tells him and hanging off her every word. “She probably thinks, like I did, that she can mould him into the perfect man. And who knows, maybe Katie will succeed where I failed. “But Kieran’s a lad of 25 who doesn’t say much and is obsessed with the gym. She’s a famously powerful and wealthy woman. “Kieran wants to be famous, and of course Katie can make that happen for him. “But apart from maybe a baby, what can Kieran give her? “I think he is boring and unimaginative both in and out of the bedroom. “I fear that unless Kieran finds a way to man up in this relationship the marriage won’t last long and he’ll end up yet another of Katie’s ex husbands.”

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