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ALICE GOODWIN topless for Frank White shoot February 2013, Alice Goodwin poses topless for Frank White photoshoot February 2013

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Alice Goodwin
Topless in Lingerie for Frank White Photoshoot February 2013.

It's Tuesday so let's cut right to the chase, err, the chest of the matter, in this case, the most passion inducing brunette buxom allure of Alice Goodwin, a woman I could easily imagine sailing around the world with, on a tiny craft, a dinghy perhaps, with nothing to save us from withering under the wilting sun save for the sweat produced from our own craven desires and intertwined bodies. If only I knew how to sail, or didn't get seasick, or could get Alice to agree to come along, or even had a dinghy.


Alas, circumnavigational fantasies involving circumcised hide-and-go-seek might have to be on hold, but they will not be kept down on the farm forever, so long as Alice keeps producing epic hotness as she does in these Frank White photographed lingerie striptease photos. I feel like I can reach right out to these photos and engage in foreplay, though I would recommend fully grounding any electrical plugs before you do so, just a tip from a gentleman shocked in an uncomfortable manner about 20 minutes ago. Enjoy.



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